more dEtails coming soon…

But for now, here is the outlined course curriculum:

I will be teaching the course Live, and we start June 10th, 2019. You will receive a module each day (Mon-Fri, with weekends off) and I will be channeling guidance for the group of us every day and adding it to the module for that day.

  • Welcome & Introduction

  • What is “Energy”?

    • Our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Bodies

    • Our Energetic Systems – including the body’s Meridians, and Nervous Systems

    • The Chakra Systems – basic, advanced & crystalline energy sources, and other energy fields of the body/Spirit

  • What is Consciousness?

    • Different levels/layers of Consciousness

  • The Feminine Fire Energy

    • Getting specific on your unique energy system – and unearthing the soul fire that is contained within every woman

  • Connecting with Your Unique Energy

  • The Daily Routine you absolutely need as an Empath

  • How & Why we Transmute Energy as Empaths & How to Protect Your Energy

  • How to Filter Out Others’ Energy - & Turn It Off and On · How to See Your Own Energy

  • Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

  • What exactly is an “Energy Upgrade”? and Ascension Symptoms

  • How to Transmute & Process Ascension Upgrades & The Awakening Process

  • Letting Go Of Old Attachments & Why We Need Cord Cutting

  • Karmic Relationships & Why we have them, and what they mean in our lives

  • How to Trust Your Intuition 100% & Live W/Out Fear, Anxiety or Doubt

  • What Are You Holding Onto? – The Different Kinds of Wounds We Have: Ancestral, Inherited, Bloodline, Childhood, Etc.

  • How to Know What Is Yours & What’s Not

    • What To Do If It’s Not Yours

    • What To Do If It Is Yours

  • How to Heal Yourself/Heal a Chakra Block

  • Themes We’re Healing Through for 2019 – why & when we’ll be experiencing them

  • Opening Your Heart – One of the biggest things we’re moving through this year, & why, because we need to be grounded in that authenticity for ourselves

  • Identity Crisis

  • Your Role in the Collective/Why You’re Here @ This Time

  • Course Wrap-up/Conclusion

**ADDED BONUS: A guided meditation to meet your personal archetype for this lifetime. And how you can use this archetype daily to help you embody your Higher Self, by aligning with thoughts of how you are being true to yourself.

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Client Love:

I found Tanya through a friend. She is so down to earth and so very easy to talk with and to learn from. She helped me continue to develop my intuition, helped me with my self-confidence, got me thinking about my choices within Spirit and life. She gave me the courage to really start participating in my life again. She really is an Angel here on Earth! I have seen her wings❤

Thank you Tanya for all that you do for us!
— B